Cheers to a Quiet New Year’s Eve Dinner

Oh my goodness. Although our night was cut short by an allergic reaction to something I ate, Matt and I had a lovely, late-night dinner on New Year’s Eve, thanks to Wegman’s. We’re not particularly fond of drinking or partying, so we decided our best bet was to stay in and make a nice dinner by ourselves. We can both be recluses, and we value our privacy and time alone. In fact, a fun night for us typically includes dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets and a Shark Tank marathon.

We'd attend one of Gatsby's parties, though.
We’d attend one of Gatsby’s parties, though.

I have mixed feelings about red meat, but one of Matt’s favorite things to eat is steak, so we picked up two big beef tenderloins, along with a bag of green beans–just enough for two. We also had some mashed potatoes with sour cream and chives sitting in the fridge (thanks, Bob Evans), so we just heated those in the microwave. These mashed potatoes were so good, I couldn’t believe they came prepackaged from the grocery store. I definitely feel like I wouldn’t have produced scratch-made potatoes this amazing. Weird. I’ve wanted to try King’s hawaiian sweet rolls for some time now, so we grabbed a bag of those as well. We spent some time looking for sparkling juice or cider since we’re not big drinkers, and we found some really neat European soda with some funky flavors.

Cranberry Lime and Sour Cherry Lemon!  Wegman's has some interesting stuff.
Cranberry Lime and Sour Cherry Lemon! Wegman’s has some interesting stuff.

To prepare anything really, I scan the interweb for fun and easy ideas, then I sort of mishmash them and take what I can use–cyber apple-picking. Pinterest never fails me in kitchen endeavors, and it’s my go-to for recipes, fashion, health tips, or anything visual. After gathering and sifting through ideas, I coated the steaks in olive oil and Matt sprinkled them with sea salt and helped me to coat them in ground peppercorns and seasoned pepper. I got a nice char on them in a pan with butter and olive oil. Then we cooked them for about 30 minutes at 425 degrees.

A fine presentation.
A fine presentation.

Preparing and making the green beans was fun. Matt cut the ends off with a sharp knife–as opposed to snapping them. Again, I heated butter and olive oil in a pan while Matt salted and peppered the green beans. I poured in about half a can of cream of chicken soup, along with some water. I set the heat to about medium and let the green beans cook with the lid cracked for around 25 minutes. We heated a package of bacon in the microwave, Matt crushed the crispy bacon into little pieces, and we threw it into the green beans as they finished cooking. The beans still had a nice crunch to them, so I suppose that’s how you know you haven’t overcooked them to the point of sogginess.

Green beans are almost as beautiful as brussels sprouts.
Green beans are almost as beautiful as brussels sprouts.

We picked out a mini-dessert tray that had some cute items, like a tiny cheesecake, and some cream-based treats with shaved white chocolate, raspberries and blueberries. It was a sweet and decadent end to our night. Unfortunately, I suffer from random food allergies (scallops and gummy bears in the past), and something from our dessert tray caused me to develop hives; I had to take a Benadryl, which caused me to totally zonk at 11:30. We may have missed the ball dropping, but we enjoyed having an understated holiday by ourselves, especially since it was our first New Year’s together as a couple.

This was cute and just the right size for two.
This was adorable and just the right size for two.

Have a lovely 2015 filled with lots of yummies and pleasant discoveries in the kitchen.


No scene is complete without a curious kitty.
No scene is complete without a curious kitty.

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